Professional Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping

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Home and Commercial Services provides a full range of landscaping and lawn service to help you maintain your residence throughout the year.  Our landscaping services are provided by professionals who are qualified to assist in Tree Services, Mulch, Garden Rototilling, Planting, Power Raking, Aeration, Fertilization, Sod Repair and Seeding.


Mulching helps protect the soil from erosion, reduces compaction from heavy rains, conserves moisture and prevents weed growth.  We will provide and lay mulch in your garden and help provide that ‘finished’ look.


Tree & Bush Services



Lawn Power Raking

Power raking equipment has wiretines that go right down to the dirt and pull all the dead thach to the surface. Power raking produces a layer of debris which is raked up and hauled away. Power raking targets only the dead grass layer and when done effectively, removes waste without causing damage so that the lawn can heal quickly and no permanent damage is done.


Lawn Aeration

Aerating is the process of removing small plugs of soil from your lawn to encourage new growth. Lawn aeration allows more oxygen to reach the roots, helps old grasses decompose faster, and makes your lawn more drought-resistant. New growth is much healthier! Aeration also gives you more bang for your buck when you fertilize, which makes it easier for your lawn to grow stronger, deeper roots. A good root system is essential for your lawn’s survival in times of drought. Home & Commercial Services has a brand new aerator which will make your yard healthier, better looking and more resistant to weeds.