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If you are in need of Rochester Hills Deck Washing services, please contact Home and Commercial Services at (586) 596-2125 for more information. You may also click here to learn more about our company.

The Benefits of Deck Washing

Rochester Hills Deck WashingWhen your deck was first installed and stained it looked amazing. You notice that over time the elements do take a toll on your deck and can transform the appearance quickly if you do not do the appropriate maintenance on a regular basis. The deck washing is an important way to not only keep the deck looking great it also helps protect the deck and make is safer for your friends and family. Here are just a few benefits to having your deck washed regularly by a professional.

The first and biggest benefit to having the deck washed on a regular basis is that it maintains the beautiful appearance from when the deck was first installed. A professional pressure washer will come out to your home and begin to treat the deck from all the elements that have weathered its appearance. Because the wood surface is in constant contact with Mother Nature and the elements, the wood surface of the deck will slowly turn a greyish color from the exposure to the sun and the rain water that is trying to penetrate the surface of the wood. This also leads to algae, mold, and mildew forming in areas of the deck.

Once the algae and mold take hold they begin to spread quickly. The mold will discolor the deck and the algae can give a greenish appearance if neglected too long. A certified pressure washer understands how important it is to remove those contaminants quickly to ensure the safety of your family. Once the algae spread it is very easy for one of your family or guests to take a fall from the slippery condition of the deck surface. Deck washing will remove that build up and make certain that the surface is not slick causing falls. Once the contaminants are washed away your deck will look shiny and new like it did the day it was built again.

The deck can also become weathered if left untreated for long periods of time. The combination of the sun and the harsh raining conditions can make the deck begin to crack, warp, and splinter. This is extremely unsafe for young children and pets that walk on the deck. Children can receive painful splinters and pets can cut their sensitive paws on a splintering deck. Having the deck pressure washed by a professional will keep the buildup that causes the wood to crack and splinter to immediately disappear. Keeping the deck maintained by a certified pressure washer is the best way to extend the life of your deck and to be certain no one gets hurt from neglected conditions.

When your deck is professionally washed it will keep the dirt and debris from gathering and leading to unsafe conditions. Your deck will hold its new condition much longer and will require less maintenance down the road as a result. A professional deck washing involves high pressure water that is needed to properly remove contaminants that are growing on the wood and keep it safe for anyone you have at your home. source:

For Rochester Hills Deck Washing service, please call Home and Commercial Services at (586) 596-2125.

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