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Rochester Hills Fall Clean-Up – Rochester MI Fall Cleanup

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Importance of Fall Clean-Up

Fall is officially here. At the mere thought of the season, images of brightly colored leaves floating whimsically to the ground  come to mind. Perhaps childhood memories of jumping into heaps of raked leaves or the crisp sound they make as you walk across the lawn.

In nature these leaves would slowly decay, returning vital nutrients to the soil. But left on sidewalks and driveways, they can become a slippery mess. Left on your lawn, they can smother your grass and provide a breeding ground for insects and diseases.

Leaf Removal

Leaves should be removed regularly throughout fall to avoid lawn damage. It may seem easier to leave everything on the lawn until the leaves have all fallen from the trees, but that isn’t best for your lawn. The longer leaves lay around and the thicker they accumulate, the greater the damage that may occur to your grass.

Whether raking or mowing & bagging, the leaf matter makes for an excellent addition to your compost pile. Leaf litter is an essential component of compost, a means of building  quality organic matter in the soil. Adding that organic matter to your garden is supports microbial growth and creates enriched, fertile soil. Homemade compost is less expensive than commercial compost, and it’s generally a higher-quality product as well. If you don’t already have a compost pile, fall is the perfect time to start one and make good use of the extra leaves.

Raking regularly or mowing/mulching are the best ways to ensure a healthy yard come spring. It is necessary to remove the leaves from the grass before they start to break down in order to avoid the risks to your lawn.

While burning is definitely an option, it is not much recommended. Not only can it be dangerous if it’s been a dry fall and the fire gets out of control, burning leaf matter is an obvious air pollutant.

Lawn Aeration

As most grasses in our area are considered ‘cool season turf’ types, fall is the ideal time to aerate your lawn.  The cool temperatures allow for easy recovery and added late season growth to the lawn. Additionally, if you are laying down a fall fertilizer, aerating beforehand allows the fertilizer to more easily reach the roots of you lawn.

Lawn aerators are easy to use, and can be rented from most hardware stores or equipment rental companies. If you don’t manage your lawn yourself, make sure that you are on your landscaping contractor’s fall maintenance schedule, and ensure that they provide aeration services.

Fall Fertilizers

Most landscaping experts would agree, that if you fertilize your lawn only once a year, do it in the fall. Why? Grass leaves grow much more slowly as the weather turns cool, but the grass roots and rhizomes continue to grow quickly.A fall application of fertilizer provides essential nutrients for the growth of deep roots now and to keep nutrients on reserve for a healthy start next spring.

It is easy to forget about our lawns with the rapidly approaching winter. However, a quality lawn does not need less care in the fall just because the grass grows more slowly. In fact, just the opposite is true. During the fall months grass is busily absorbing energy, moisture, and nutrients in preparation for a long, dormant winter. Given a little attention now, your lawn will thank you in the spring with healthy new growth! source:

For top rated Rochester Hills Fall Clean-Up services, please call Home and Commercial Services at (586) 596-2125.

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