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Rochester Hills Fall Cleanup Services

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Rochester Hills Fall Cleanup Services

The Importance of Leaf Cleanup this Fall

Fall foliage is beautiful to look at but when the leaves start to fall it is very important to clean them up right away rather than letting them sit on your lawn for too long. Not keeping up with leaf removal will lead to a blanket of leaves that will in time suffocate your grass and block it from getting the sunlight, water and nutrients it needs, which will hinder it from growing back healthy next Spring. Here are a few tips for this Fall and Winter to maintain your grass:

Tip #1: Excess leaves can kill your grass.
When the leaves start falling, keep in mind that if you cannot see your lawn through the leaves, then your grass can’t grow. It is important to keep up with raking or blowing leaves regularly. Consider investing in a handheld leaf blower or leaf vacuum. You can also consider adding a bag to your lawn mower or go to traditional route and rake the leaves manually.

Tip #2: Leaf mold is garden gold!
Leaf mold, which is semi-rotten leaves, are high in nutrients and are great for your garden. Rather than blowing your leaves to the curb, consider creating a decomposing pile by piling your leaves and letting them sit for about a year.  The bottom of the pile will decompose fastest and will be ready to be used as mulch first. source:

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