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Rochester Hills Spring Cleanup Service

Rochester Hills Spring Cleanup Service – Home and Commercial Services (586) 596-2125

If you are in need of a Rochester Hills Spring Cleanup Service, please contact Home and Commercial Services at (586) 596-2125 today. You may also click here to learn more about us.

How to Properly PREPARE the LAWN for Spring!

Rochester Hills Spring Cleanup ServiceWhen the snow has melted, the birds are chirping and the weather has begun to stay consistently warm, it means that spring is finally here! But even though winter is gone it has most likely left a mess behind on your lawn, meaning it’s time to do some spring yard cleaning. But why is it important to cleanup your yard this spring? Besides just making a house and lawn look more attractive, it’s going to ensure all future lawn treatments are effective and lawn maintenance is obstruction free. So, let’s get started!

What Spring Cleaning Needs to Be Done to a Lawn?
Spring-cleaning a lawn involves more than just beginning to mow again, the actions you take now help strengthen your lawn against environmental stresses, pests, weeds and diseases for the seasons to come. By following these spring-cleaning tips, you can ensure your lawn is ready to efficiently utilize fertilizer applications and is on its way to a healthy and beautiful year.

-Clear leaves, branches and other natural debris
-Haul and/or compost debris from lawn
-Re-edge and cleaning of flower beds and gardens
-Redefine lawn borders
-Mow grass to appropriate grass height
-Reseed damaged areas of the lawn (if needed)
-Trim/prune trees and shrubs.
-Perform irrigation checks for leaks or clogs as well as properly adjust and align sprinkler heads, nozzles and drip irrigation as needed

TIP: Lawns generally don’t need supplemental water until the weather warms up (around May). source;

For expert Rochester Hills Spring Cleanup Service, please call Home and Commercial Services at (586) 596-2125.

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